FDA And The Electric Cigarette

After much back and forth litigating, a Federal judge slammed the   FDA and their attempt to ban electronic cigarettes. The electric cigarette is a micro-processor controlled cigarette replacement device. When the user inhales through the unit, it vaporizes a tiny amount of nicotine containing fluid (e-liquid) providing the user with a drag just like a cigarette. They produce no carcinogen filled smoke for the user and emit no 2nd hand smoke. The only by product the ecig emits is harmless water vapor.

The Judge found the FDA's contention that the electronic cigarette is dangerous is false. The Judge Leon stated "This case appears to be yet another example of F.D.A.'s aggressive efforts to regulate recreational tobacco products as drugs or devices." The FDA is currently reviewing the Judge's opinion to decide their next course of action.

The question remains: Why would the FDA want to control the electronic cigarette? They claim that the ecig is a safety concern. But this simply makes no sense. The FDA does have regulatory power over tobacco and nicotine containing devices. So why don't they ban cigarettes? We really don't need any more studies to show that cigarettes are harmful to our health.

One possible answer is that cigarettes may be harmful but they bring in HUGE tax revenue for the Government. Anything that generates the kind of tax revenue cigarettes do will never go away. Add the fact that the Tobacco Industry is one of the most powerful lobbies in DC and you can see why the FDA wants to ban the electric cigarette and leave tobacco cigarettes alone.


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