Electronic Cigarette Price

Electronic cigarettes have been around for quite a while now. We have seen numerous changes and style upgrades more so than any other electronic product on the market. With these changes have come better looks, better performance and best of all better prices. Very few items improve so much, so fast yet still continue to decrease in price. The new lower electronic cigarette prices are the product of high competition, trademark enforcement and consumer education.

In today's market, there are literally millions of e-cig vendors on the internet and at retail store fronts. This make for an extremely competitive environment for all sellers. Vendors can no longer set their prices and forget about them as competitors will undercut them at every chance they get. Current sellers must keep on top of market trends as far as pricing and stay competitive. You also see sales on just about any holiday or occasion such as Mother's Day or Presidents day. So if you are shopping for the lowest electronic cigarette price, keep your eyes peeled for the next holiday sale.

Along with stiff competition, many vendors are finding out that the products they are selling are imitations/fakes. Over the past few months, JoyeTech a major e-cigarette manufacturer has started to enforce its trademarks and patents forcing some sellers out of business. They have even gone so far as to add a page to their website pointing out sellers of fake e-cig products. As the sellers of the fake products come under scrutiny, they often wholesale off their products at discount prices. Two things to keep in mind are that fake products are often very low quality and there will be little, if any, warranty available.

As consumers become more aware of electronic cigarettes and their quality manufacturers, they begin to purchase less and less from the "discount" e-cig shops. Most internet buyers are quite savvy when it comes to distinguishing fakes from the real thing. They know that it is better to spend a little more on a name brand kit and get a quality product than try to save money on a knock off. As sales of the name brand products increase, the vendors reduce their prices to stay competitive giving the shopper the best value for their dollar.

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